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how you want to feel when you speak


If I know YOU, you’re a sights-set-high go-getter who’s itching for...

  • a fanbase of clients who scramble to turn up the volume when you go Live on Facebook,

  • an inbox flooded with SPEAKING and GUEST EXPERT requests left and right,

  • the rapt attention of an ENTIRE room every time you open your mouth.

admit it...

You’re dying to hear things like:

'OMG. You. You're such an incredible speaker. I can't get enough.'
'You're so smart. Your presentation changed my life.'
'Come speak at my event!'
'Wait. How can I work with you??? Take my money, now.'

Whether you’ve got BIG dreams of BIG stages, or just want to book those ideal clients with more consistency and ease, WELCOME.


It’s my personal mission to help you uplevel your speaking game + STOP doing things like…

  • Endless amounts of "umm", "errr", and "uhhh" (Hey, insecure vibes!)

  • Going off on tangents (like, all. the. time.)  

  • Freezing up the second you hit "record" (What was I gonna say again!?)

  • Doing 25 takes of one video, but still hating it

  • Breaking out into a quivery sweat whenever you speak in public (or online.)



Because if you're not using your VOICE to effectively rep your biz and brand - whether on stage, camera, or live video -- HOW in the hell is your audience (read: CLIENTS) going to find you and fall in love with you? Harsh truth time: They’re not

You’re undeniably awesome...
But your speaking skills? They're holding you back.

And honestly? You’re ready for your level of speaking to finally be on par with your level of awesome.

& that's where I come in...

Convenient, hey?

Hey! I'm Lizz Summers, a voice and public speaking coach for bold entrepreneurs (like YOU) who want to share their message with sass, brass, and outrageous confidence.


In other words, sharpen their communication skills so they can attract


As for me, I learned ALL about the power of voice and speaking the hard way, Well, maybe not hard, just... awkward.

CONFESSION: I had a terrible lisp growing up. Yep. It’s true. Just imagine me introducing myself for a second. Reminder: My name is Elizabeth Summers. So that came out as "hi, I’m Elithabeth Thummerth.” *facepalm*

LUCKILY, as I got older, my lisp went away, and it was replaced with a bold, outspoken and opinionated teenage personality. Sound familiar? Yeah, clearly I’m still this same rebel troublemaker today...

How people responded to me changed so much from lispy kid to brassy teen. I became so fascinated with how speech and voice impacted not just my life, but the lives of those around me. So much so that I became a registered Speech and Language Therapist.

Sounds nerdy, I know...

Then, my ballsy and outspoken self began working for the National Health Service. (Spoiler: Not the best environment for a sass queen like me.)  During my years at the NHS, I saw firsthand just how easily a voice or accent issue could undermine someone's confidence. And to be honest, it broke my damn heart.

I saw amazingly talented people trapped in ho-hum jobs and not reaching their full potential because every time they opened their mouth, their confidence and credibility plummeted.

I wanted to help. And I did, but the fact remained that I was always limited in what I could do. The National Health Service has some verrrry strict boundaries when it comes to how you can work with patients. And, naturally I had tons of bold ideas I wanted to implement, but they were all shot down for being too “out of the box.” Me? Out of the box? What were they talking about?! 

So yeah, naturally I had to get out of that box.

After many years and hundreds of patients, I eventually decided it was time to blow that popsicle stand. Me (waving): “Bye National Health Service. Bye PhD program. See ya!




Ballsy, I know. Everyone thought I was mad. But I wasn't. I just didn’t want to stay silent anymore. And I have a feeling you’re here because YOU feel the same way. YOU want to speak out and stand out. And my mission? Is to help you do JUST that.


Seeing the massive leaps and transformations my clients make in their businesses after mastering their voice and accent is the most rewarding and energizing feeling in the world.


And you know what's even more amazing? It's not just their career that's skyrocketing...it's their personal communication as well. Those difficult conversations with friends and loved ones (you know, the ones that are usually easier to just avoid!), or that awkward convo you need to have with your VA…  Piece of cake when you can address them in a clear, confident, connection-building (not destroying) kinda way. That translates to more clients, more money, more love, and healthier relationships too.


But that's just ONE secret ninja benefit of the work I do...

Wanna see the rest?