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I’m so glad you’re here! 

So you’ve spent hours, days, weeks and years learning English. Your English looks great ‘on paper’, but as soon as you open your mouth, you feel like your accent lets you down. Sound familiar?


Are you: 

  • Less confident when speaking in English, compared to your native tongue? 
  • Constantly trying to change your accent to sound more like a native English speaker?
  • Afraid that others will judge you or see you as less of an expert because of your accent? 
  • Thinking of starting a business or doing a presentation/webinar in English, but nervous that your accent will hold you back?


Then there's good news…

You’ve already done the hard part by learning English. I promise!

Accents are easy to change when you know how. Unlike learning a language (which are full of rules and exceptions), changing an accent requires two simple things: 

  1. An understanding of what is marking your accent out as non-native
  2. A desire and commitment to change these features

You see, accents are basically just patterns of moving your mouth, which your brain and body have become used to. These patterns can affect pronunciation of sounds, sound combinations, or where you put the emphasis and pitch change while speaking (the natural ‘sing song’ and flow). 

The tricky part is that these things are super subtle! Most people can immediately identify when somebody is a non-native English speaker, but they can’t necessarily say what it is that marks this out. 

Because of this subtlety, it can be SO difficult to figure out what you need to change to sound more authentically English. But trust me, it IS possible, and it’s easier than you think. 

That's why I developed The Accent Tuner...


What IS The Accent Tuner? 

The Accent Tuner is a completely tailored accent transformation programme, which will polish your accent and take it from ‘pretty good’ to ‘WOW!’ in an amazingly short amount of time!  

It identifies the exact patterns and features which make your accent sound non-native, and gives you the tools and exercises to refine them. 

The end result? 

An accent which sounds more authentically English and gives you supreme confidence, total clarity, and the ability to go after you dreams without feeling held back! 

What is The Accent Tuner NOT? 

  • This is not about completely eliminating your accent. This is about taking you from a place where your accent bothers you and holds you back to a place where you have control over it and can adapt it to suit you.
  • This is not about improving your English language skills or mastering basic English pronunciation. You’re already a proficient speaker, so I’m not going to patronise you by repeating what you have already mastered!
  • This is not about teaching you all of the theory, science and principles behind accents! This is about finding practical, actionable steps to give your accent a make-over. 


So what's included?

The Accent Tuner is a personalised step-by-step coaching programme that will transform you from ACCENT ANXIETY to ACCENT AWESOMENESS! 

Your unique Accent Tuner plan includes:

  1. Pre-programme questionnaire and orientation materials to set the foundations of our work together and help your prepare for your Accent Tuner transformation
  2. Intensive Introductory Session (90 minutes) to identify your unique concerns and goals
  3. In-depth assessment to uncover your specific target areas
  4. Feedback and goal agreement to prioritise your practice and laser-focus your efforts
  5. Detailed Action Plan & Workbook with step-by-step actions and daily exercises
  6. Four hours of individual one-to-one coaching intensives for tailored personal support, guidance and technique training 
  7. Implementation, refinement and generalisation intensive session (90 minutes) to ensure that you can comfortably and easily use your new authentically English accent in any situation!

Additional BONUS content (for a limited time only): 

  • Regular weekly Q&A hours, where I will be online and available to answer any questions as they arise
  • Access to my bonus e-course: ‘Finding confidence, self-identity and power in your accent’
  • Membership to the exclusive Accent Tuner Facebook Group: A community of amazing international professionals and entrepreneurs who are taking control of their accents to maximise their potential and ace their business dreams! A fantastic opportunity for discussion, support and networking to amplify your results! 

Who am I?

My name is Lizz Summers. I help amazing professionals and entrepreneurs to maximise their potential by eliminating insecurities about their voice, speech, and accent.

I’m fascinated by the patterns and variations in accents, and love to create simple, easy-to-understand action plans that give my clients control over their accent. My favourite part of the job? Watching my clients transform from feeling insecure about their accent to being totally in control and confident when speaking English… and seeing them flourish in their careers and personal lives as a result. 

Using my First Class Bachelors and Masters degrees in Speech & Language Therapy, I have developed a crystal-clear system which simplifies the entire process of accent change, enabling you to target only the parts which are 100% relevant to you, for maximum progress in minimum time!

In fact, I am so fired-up about this that I recently put aside my PhD to focus on growing my business and working with my amazing clients full time! I knew I needed to start helping people right away. The personal connection that I develop with each of my clients, the real-life application of my knowledge, and the incredible results that my clients see are the most important things to me — even though many people think I’m crazy to turn down a PhD!

I coach my clients from my little riverside apartment in Cambridgeshire, England (if you’ve never been there, it’s very flat and very green!). When I’m not working with clients, I love cooking up tasty dinners (invariably from ‘ooh-this-might-work!’ concoctions in my head, rather than actual recipes), binge-watching crime dramas on Netflix and looking at pictures of dogs in costumes online. 

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Do you want to: 

  • Stop second-guessing yourself and finally feel confident speaking in English?
  • Stop worrying about your accent so that you can focus on your fantastic content?
  • Exude the confidence and clarity of a native English speaker to unlock your business success?

Client profile & testimonials 

Coming soon! Want your picture and success story featured here? Sign up to The Accent Tuner and see the results for yourself! 



My accent is pretty good. Do I really need the Accent Tuner? 

The Accent Tuner is specifically designed for people who already have a good grasp of English and can make themselves understood. This isn’t about being understood - it’s about getting control by fine-tuning your accent and unlocking your potential as a result. If you feel like people can immediately hear your accent when you speak English and feel self-conscious or held back by your accent in any way, the Accent Tuner is a great fit for you!


I’m not sure if my English is good enough for the Accent Tuner

If you are still developing your English skills and have trouble making yourself understood in English, or have limited vocabulary and grammar, it may be worth investing a little more time in developing your English language skills before starting the Accent Tuner in order to get maximum results. 

If you are unsure, please drop me an email and we can discuss this further. Alternatively, if you sign up for the Accent Tuner but during our initial session I don’t feel like the Accent Tuner is the right programme for you, I will be open about this. We can then agree to either postpone your start date for the Accent Tuner until you are ready, or refund 80% of the package price if we decide not to proceed*.

*Subject to discretion, depending on the particular circumstances. Refund is not guaranteed.  


How much of a time commitment is needed for the Accent Tuner? 

The Accent Tuner involves seven hours of direct, one-to-one coaching, however you’ll want additional time to go through your recommendations in detail, watch the tuition videos, and work through each section of your plan and workbook in detail to get maximum results. 

Once you have your Workbook, I’d suggest putting aside 1-2 hours per week to go through the material, plus around 20-30 minutes per day for concentrated practice of your exercises. Once you’re familiar with the exercises, you can practice these throughout the day whenever you get a moment - in the car, walking your dog, in the shower, etc! Regular, daily, little-and-often practice is required to see the amazing transformation that you’re capable of! 


It’s a big investment. How do I know if I’ll see the results? 

The short answer to this is that you are completely in control of the results you get. 

I know that this programme works. It has been developed using the sound, scientific principles of phonetics and phonology (the building blocks of speech), anatomy and physiology, sociolinguistics, and over a decade of University-level study and work with hundreds of individuals in the National Health Service, as well as my one-to-one coaching clients. 

Since each programme is written from scratch and completely personalised to the individual client based on hours of in-depth analysis of your particular accent, this is no one-size-fits-all programme! Before beginning the Accent Tuner, you will fill out a questionnaire which enables me to understand your unique personality and learning style so that we can maximise the impact of our one-to-one sessions, and each of the tuition videos are recorded specifically for you. 

So the only thing that really affects the outcome is you, and your personal commitment to transforming your accent. I have designed this programme to give you all of the knowledge, tools and techniques to get the exact outcome that you desire, with all of the confidence and opportunity that will flow from it. If you are willing to put in the time to engage with the programme fully, to complete the exercises and build them into your daily routine, you will see the results. However, if you aren’t sure that you are willing to put in the time to practice, or want a quick-fix (or magic wand!) then this might not be the right programme for you. 

To help you invest in your transformation I have created a payment plan so that you can spread the financial investment over the course of the Accent Tuner.


How long is The Accent Tuner programme? 

One of the best things about The Accent Tuner programme is that you can move through it at your own rate, booking sessions when you feel you are ready to move on, rather than having to follow a schedule. 

Most people will take around 90 days to complete their Accent Tuner transformation, which is a great length of time to achieve dramatic results while keeping up a strong momentum. I recommend completing the programme in a maximum of six months for optimum results.