The one thing you're doing that's blocking your success (and how to... y'know... not do it)

"In what ways are you being cheap with yourself?"

I vividly remember the day that my coach asked this question. 

I was sitting in my flat:

  • Drinking tea from a mug I don’t-really-like-but-was-bought-for-me-as-a-gift

  • Sitting on the sofa that I bought from my sister for £100 (after she’d carefully wiped the 5 years’ worth of child-raising off of the faux leather seats) and 

  • Wearing a top that I’d bought from Primark some two years before (you know the one; nondescript grey t-shirt, plasticky jewelled neckline) which I wore to virtually every social event or out-of-the-house occasion during that time period, despite having a wardrobe full of (equally sh*t) clothes that I never wore.

At the time I though “Pah! Easy for you to say love.. you’re clearly raking it in (and I know this for a fact having just handed over a considerable amount of money to you for business coaching, thankyouverymuch!)”. 

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How to build power, clarity & authority in your webinar

Close you eyes and imagine you are about to do a webinar to build your list and attract new clients.

Are you: 

  • Suddenly sweating profusely and feeling a bit like you might see your lunch again? 
  • Totally dreading it and wishing that you could stay invisible and maybe hire someone to pretend to be you (no, seriously, though…could I?)
  • Remembering how much you hate speaking in front of groups and wondering why the hell you thought this be-your-own-boss-entrepreneur-location-free-lifestyle-awesomeness was a good idea in the first place?
  • Dreading having to listen back to your own voice, certain that everyone will notice it wobbling and croaking all over the place with nerves?
  • Feeling super self-conscious of your regional or international accent and like maybe this business-malarkey will have to wait until you’ve done a lifetime worth of English classes or elocution lessons? 
  • Completely overwhelmed with feeling awkward, waffley and basically like a total imposter? 



Don’t worry! Help is at hand! 

I’m Lizz Summers, a Voice Coach and Accent Tutor. I love supporting coaches, teachers and public speakers who feel held back by their voice, speech or accent to develop a voice that is 100% clear, understandable, awesomely powerful, and super reliable, so that they can focus on delivering their amazing content and magnetising their ideal clients! 

I’m going to share with you today my five high-impact tips for going from Webinar Novice to Webinar Badass. (And…. in the interests of being honest with you… there are actually waaaaaay more than five tips - I’ve squirrelled a load more inside - it’s like the Piñata of blog posts!)

Before we begin, this is NOT a post about how to plan, structure and prepare your webinar, and I won’t be going into anything to do with tech set up, content preparation or sales. 

Instead, I’ll be giving you a crystal-clear action plan for how to overcome the barriers which prevent you from being the face of your business and keep you stuck where you are, instead of moving forward full-force with confidence, passion and clarity to ace your career dreams! And it’s not just webinars… I promise that most of these will also be life-savers in any public speaking or presentation situation! 

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3 powerful steps to ultimate webinar confidence!

Webinars, Livestreams and public speaking can be terrifying; there's no two ways about it!

But you don't have to be paralysed by insecurities, which keep you playing small and prevent you from putting yourself out there!

Here is the strategy that I used to go from ‘Oh God, I’m such a dork’ to lecturing in front of 120 students at a University that I didn’t even get in to!

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My express high-energy vocal warm-up for public speaking success!

As you probably know, your voice needs a great warm-up before any kind of speaking, presenting or teaching situation so that it can exude clarity and power! 

I have combined a professional-grade vocal warm-up with some evidence-based energy-boosting exercises to get you playing big and exuding confidence, ready to WOW your audience!

You can pick and choose from the steps below, depending on which parts feel most helpful for you. Remember that the first few times that you do it, the whole thing will probably seem completely wacko, unless you come from a performance background! Just go with it, trust the process, and watch how much more alive you appear on stage or on video! 

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