engage & inspire mentorship



Six month one-to-one transformation programme

Do you dream of becoming a thought leader and influencer?

Do you have a big message to share with the world? 

Are you ready to be seen, be heard and make an impact






  • Share your message with confidence and clarity 

  • Book speaking gigs, podcasts and summits (like, effortlessly)

  • Establish yourself as a credible expert & authority in your field

  • Be taken seriously, listened to and respected... as well as have people LOVE you 

  • Speak with power, charisma and influence? (*hair flick*) 

  • Master how you share your skill and knowledge with others

  • Leverage your uniqueness and personality as your biggest assets (#unicorn)



The Engage & Inspire Mentorship is built on my custom three-step formula for becoming a change-maker (and total effing powerhouse) - 

STEP 1. Position yourself an expert

STEP 2. Create the mindset of a master communicator

STEP 3. Craft your voice to engage your audience

This is for you if:

You're sick of playing small, want to get in front of the people that matter, want to be one of the BIG NAMES and speak from BIG STAGES and have BIG FREAKING INFLUENCE and have BIG FREAKING DREAMS. And... you're willing to work your tail off with me to get there. 


This is not for you if: 

You want to keep spinning your wheels, stay stuck, avoid being seen and heard, blend in, not show up, keep believing that you're a little grey mouse because it's safer than uncovering the glittery unicorn that's inside of you... And aren't interested in having me letting off confetti cannons every time you achieve something awesome because going it alone is more... oh..... boring, actually. 


What's included:

Awesome Welcome Pack and eeeek-exciting Goal Setting Planner


90-minute Kickstarter Intensive to launch your programme for ker-azy momentum!


Between session voice note and email support (#coachingbesties)

Six months of ass-kicking one-to-one coaching & mentoring:

Month one: weekly coaching sessions (45 mins)

Month two to six: fortnightly coaching sessions (45 mins) 


Follow up call 2 months after completion (hellooooooo accountability!) 

Regular review & feedback on your videos, livestreams and/or presentations


Appear as a guest interview on my Facebook page


Bonus access to my e-course The Livestream Challenge & guest expert video trainings


Your investment to get next-level visible:

5000 GBP

(Monthly payment plan 6 x 850 GBP)