Find Your



Uplevel your verbal communication to pro-status

3 month 1 x 1 coaching

Tackle your fears around your voice, speech, accent and presentation skills for good.

Move from a vocal novice to a communication pro and share your message in a clear, confident and polished way, across all platforms (yup, video, live stream, audio, live events… the whole shebang).


This program addresses your key barriers to verbal engagement, both online and in person, by helping you consistently show up on video and live as the kick-ass communicator that you are (or, y’know… will be!) .

By the end of the program, you'll be crystal clear on your brand voice, feel empowered in front of an audience and exude confidence during discovery calls. #convertinggoddess


What's included:

  • A Welcome Pack, so I can get to know you more deeply before we begin our sessions, dive into your personal hesitations and struggles, and identify the most powerful course of action for YOU.
  • One 30-minute preparation orientation session to make sure all of your questions are answered before we kick off.
  • 12 private coaching sessions (one per week) where we’ll dig in one-on-one to identify each week’s challenges as we gradually find your voice, boost your confidence, and uplevel your speaking.
  • 1 hour of video review time per month where you can send me your recorded videos so I can review them prior to our session and see exactly what areas you’re nailing, and what we need to work on.
  • 3 BONUS Strategy Workbooks (Your Verbal Brand Personality, Content Planning and Planning and Executing a Livestream Challenge) to help you work through the specifics of finding your voice and using it in your brand.
  • 3 BONUS Guest Expert trainings on Social Media Strategy, Storytelling and Visual Branding so you have even MORE support as your build out your brand and voice.
  • 3 BONUS training videos by Yours Truly to give you additional support and tips with getting your speaking and video content on point.
  • BONUS opportunity to be featured as a guest in my Facebook Group! Woohoo!

Total Value of Find Your Voice? Over $10,000.

Your Investment? $3500