voice coaching

for bold speakers with BIG messages
(& balls*).

(*Actual balls not required.)


You know those people who speak with clarity, confidence, and OOMPH?

The ones who LIGHT up a room the minute they open their mouth, winning everyone over with their shining personality, commanding attention, making every one fall about laughing, and OH the opportunities! (#promotion, #bonus, #businesssucess, #newclients...)


Well... meet your future

Nope, I’m not psychic. I just know what happens when I get my hands on a go-getter like YOU!




  hey there!

I'm Lizz Summers, voice and public speaking coach to the STARS. (And by stars I mean awesome folk like YOU who want to increase their influence, impact, AND opportunities by finally learning to speak with confidence.)

So if you KNOW you need to get more charismatic and confident in how you’re expressing your (let's face it) amazing ideas, then CELEBRATE!

Because you’re in the right place.



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If I know YOU, you’ve had enough of...

  • Dreading presentations, pitches and speeches

  • Losing sleep over that time you forgot how to say...any...words... in front of a room full of people

  • Watching your colleagues get chosen over you for opportunities and promotions because they have the gift of the gab (and you think you don't)

  • Bumbling through difficult conversations and obsessing over how you could have handled it better

  • ... and feeling like a total doofus when you open your mouth (even though you know that deep down you know your stuff!)

admit it...

You’re dying to hear things like:

'OMG. You. You're such an eloquent speaker. I can't get enough.'
'Ha! You're so funny and smart. Your presentation changed my life.'
'Come speak at my event!'
'Wait. How can I work with you??? Take my money, now.'

Whether you’ve got BIG dreams of BIG stages, or just want to ace those presentations and express yourself with more polish and ease, WELCOME.


It’s my personal mission to help you speak with clarity +confidence...

and STOP doing things like - 

  • Endless amounts of "umm", "errr", and "uhhh" (Hey, insecure vibes!)

  • Going off on tangents (like, all. the. time.)  

  • Freezing up the second you get in front of your audience (What was I gonna say again!?)

  • Doing 25 takes of one video, but still hating it

  • Breaking out into a cold sweat whenever you speak in public (or online.)

It doesn't have to be this way! 


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Because you CAN learn to overcome your fear of public speaking!

With some simple techniques, a supportive eye (and ear) and some expert knowledge of communication courtesy of moi (errr, did I mention I'm a registered Speech & Language Therapist and Lecturer?)  you can become ONE HELL of a public speaker!  

It's time for your level of speaking to finally be on par with your level of awesome!

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