90 day Total Voice Transformation Academy

90 day Total Voice Transformation Academy

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This is for you if you're serious about conquering your voice demons! 

Immersive, no-holds barred access to all of my knowledge, techniques and strategies, developed during over a decade of training and practice in clinical voice disorders. 

Not only will you learn how NOT to get a voice problem, you'll learn exactly what your voice can do when given space to fulfil it's potential! If you want to explore what your voice is capable of in your business, social and personal life to get maximum results, maximum clarity, and maximum success every time you open your mouth, this is the one for you! 


- Intensive 90 minute one-to-one orientation breakthrough session

- Full access to the Find Your Voice e-course (with bonus content!), including workbooks, action planner and recommendations, with more than 6 hours of value-packed, no-fluff content

- 6 x in-depth one-to-one online coaching sessions with me (ask me anything and get 100% personalised advice, tips, tricks & techniques) (one hour each)

- Email contact in between sessions with pro tips from leading Ear, Nose & Throat doctors, Opera Singers and Public Speaking Pros!

- Access to exclusive weekly live Q&A via Facebook

Want to get this sorted once and for all? Don't just Find Your Voice... Transform it!