#Livestream Pro Bootcamp

Launching APRIL 2018


Do you want to...

  • Get confident, clear and charismatic on camera?
  • Grow your audience and create a tribe of raving fans?
  • Consistently create OMG-awesome livestream content (that has your dream clients banging on your virtual door to work with you)?
  • Position yourself as a go-to expert in your field (helloooo guest expert requests!)
  • Run your own live challenge to supercharge your following and launch your next product or service?

The #Livestream Pro Bootcamp (#LPB) is an exclusive, transformational small group programme, which in eight short weeks will take you from Facebook Livestream Novice (i.e. not regularly going live, feeling awkward-as-hell-on-camera, having no idea what to talk about, having zero strategy) to Livestream Pro (i.e. using Facebook Live to it's full potential as the freaking-incredible, audience-growing, client-magnetising, salesssssss-generating - and did I mention free - badass marketing tool that it is... PLUS loving every moment of it). Sound impossible? Well I've got a plan, Stan... 


Facebook Live is basically a business wizard. 

Want your clients to get to know you? Go Live. 

Want your clients to trust you? Go Live. 

Want to supersize your audience and become known as the go-to expert in your field? Go. Freaking. Live. 

But.... that easy for me to say! What I haven't accounted for is that for most people, going live is rather like a trip to the dentist - something they know is kinda necessary if they want to turn this "business" into a business (and not just a hella expensive hobby!) but which they'd rather avoid or at least put off 'til tomorrow (or ummm... maybe next year) thankyou-very-much! 

Lizzie Summers 029.jpg

That's why I want to show you the exact skills, knowledge and strategies that will take you from loathing livestream to loving livestream, and how you can use the ker-azy power of it to inject some serious sass (plus some cold, hard cash!) into your business!


"Yeah, sounds nice Lizz, but what do you know about my Facebook Live fears?"

.. I know what it's like to hate the way you sound (did I tell you I had a hideous lisp growing up?)

... I know what it's like to be freaking terrified of showing who you are to the world (I spent years pretending to be something I wasn't in a soul-sucking marriage)

... And I know what it does for your business when you run your first Facebook Live challenge (Ermm.... as in... that time I ran my first Live challenge and grew my Facebook group from 4 people to almost 150 people in a couple of weeks.. Yeah that.)

Lizzie Summers 068.jpg

But #LPB isn't just any group programme. 

We're talking small, intimate numbers (membership is capped at ten). That means no looooong queue on coaching calls, no getting lost in the sea of other group members.. and nowhere to hide! 

We're talking LOADS of personalised coaching, attention and support. 

And we're talking serious. freaking. action. So those who aren't ready for BIG action and BIG results need not apply!

How will #LPB help me?

By the time you finish our 6 week bootcamp (as well as having had an AWESOME time), you'll have: 

  1. A whole new kind of on-screen presence! (You won't even recognise yourself from your first video! We're talking seriously professional-quality livestreams)
  2. Your livestreams planned for the next SIX months (Yup. I said six months!!)
  3. The exact formula that I use to plan my livestream content (so that you can use and re-use the formula again and again until the end of tiiiiiiiiiiime!) 
  4. A super-sexy guest expert speaker programme for your page/group (to wow your fans and build awesome connections and collaborations)
  5. A crystal-clear plan for your first Facebook Live challenge
  6. A rock-solid promotion and sign-up strategy for your Live Challenge
  7. A growing audience in your Facebook group (*don't panic if you don't have one yet or if it's still a one-person party!)
  8. You'll be TOTALLY READY (not to mention PSYCHED!) to run your first Live challenge, share your message and launch your product! 

...And then what?

After the bootcamp, there's a two week implementation period - an incredible opportunity for you to utilise all of the momentum, skill and strategy that you've built up and THE perfect time to run your challenge! Then we'll re-group for a final debrief, reflection and celebration before you are set freeeeeee to wow the world with your livestream wonderfulness! 

What's included in #LPB? 

  • A kick-off orientation Welcome Pack, so that you can gather your key business elements before we begin
  • 4 x 90 minute group coaching calls (for individual advice, strategies, coaching and feedback)
  • 8 x weekly training masterclasses (delivered via livestream of course!) 
  • PRIVATE Facebook group for Bootcampers ONLY (an ah-may-zing source of support, community, ideas, feedback and much-needed accountability!)
  • Weekly group challenges in our Facebook group (build momentum and get used to being on camera in the safety of our group!)
  • 8 x beautiful, fillable workbooks
  • BONUS follow-up debrief group call (after the implementation break to reflect on your challenge!)
  • BONUS Challenge Reflection workbook (so that you can use everything you've learned for your next challenge!)
  • PLUS: Amazing additional bonus trainings for early birds! ('cause they... y'know... catch the worm) 
  • PLUS: Option to book additional one-to-one coaching sessions during the programme, at a super-discounted rate!

What will we cover in #LPB? 

WEEK ONE:  Getting comfortable on camera (to wow your dream people!)

WEEK TWO: Creating kick-ass content (planning your livestream topics and themes)

WEEK THREE: Nailing your schedule (for consistency, momentum and launch strategy)

WEEK FOUR: Uplevelling your livestream skills (to create polished, professional and engaging livestreams... hellooooooo credibility!)

WEEK FIVE: Guest interviews and multi-person or screenshare livestreaming

WEEK SIX: Designing your Live Challenge (to build a buzz and engage your tribe)

WEEK SEVEN: Promoting your challenge (to get those all-important challengers!)

WEEK EIGHT: Executing your challenge and building to your launch (for a OMG-IT-WAS-AMAZING challenge, plus... clientsssssss!) 

WEEK NINE: Getting everything ready (Implementation break week one)

WEEK TEN: Woohooo! Challenge week!! (Implementation break week two)

WEEEK ELEVEN: Debriefing, reflecting & action planning (for a future-proof livestream strategy)


Pricing and BONUSES:

(* Please note, these are beta testing prices, so #LPB will not be available at this rate after the Spring 2018 launch)




  • Orientation Welcome Pack
  • 8 x fillable workbooks
  • 8 x weekly masterclasses
  • 4 x 90 minute group coaching calls
  • Follow-up debrief group call
  • Challenge Reflection workbook
  • PRIVATE Facebook group
  • Weekly group challenges
    • Master your mindset for Livestream success (video training)
    • Curate your perfect background (video training)
    • Livestream lighting (video training)
    • Tech tools for pro-level livestreams (video training)
    • BONUS 30 minute one-to-one orientation call

Investment: 950 GBP (or 4 payments of 240 GBP)



  • Orientation Welcome Pack
  • 8 x fillable workbooks
  • 8 x weekly masterclasses
  • 4 x 90 minute group coaching calls
  • Follow-up debrief group call
  • Challenge Reflection workbook
  • PRIVATE Facebook group
  • Weekly group challenges
    • Curate your perfect background (video training)
    • Tech tools for pro-level livestreams (video training)

Investment: 1,150 GBP (or 4 payments of 290 GBP)

I want in! How do I sign up?? 

Registration for #LPB is opening in early 2018 and is by application only. Why? Because this bootcamp is for people who are willing to go all-in. For people who are ready to see big results. And for people who are willing to be a little uncomfortable for a while if it means breaking through to a whole new level in their business! 

I'm keeping the numbers super-small so that each member gets the time, attention and support she needs to reaaaaaaaaally transform. The community element of the bootcamp is also HUGELY important, so I like to make sure that the group is a great fit so that everyone gets THE best results from their investment and hard work!

If you want to be the FIRST to know when we open the cart, pop your details in the form below and secure your spot early!