Let's work


You've spent ages psyching yourself up for this - 


Ten outfit changes, hours of rehearsal, you've been giving this presentation in your sleep for weeks...

And I'll bet you've given yourself a little pep talk too. 

So here it is. The moment of truth.

You open your mouth to speak...  and nothing comes out.

Your rehearsed speech has turned into vapour in your brain and you begin to sputter, babble and "umm" your way through the next 10 minutes. Not polished, not professional and looking like you have no frickin' clue what you're doing.  Live. In front of everyone. 


You sit down, flushed and embarrassed.

And then you curl up in a ball and vow never to put yourself through that again. Because, written stuff is fine, right. Emails and reports and social media posts. Written words = safe, secure, and soooo much better than that horror you've just experienced. 

Any of that sound like you?

Don't worry, it happens to the best of us.

And the good news is, there is something you can do about it.



You can learn to speak like the CEO you really are.


Bold. Brazen. Ballsy. ALL of it.

Together, we can refine your message and express the most authentic, influential version of YOU when you speak! 

Whether it's at work, in presentations and public speaking, or with those around you every day, get ready to fully represent your wonderful uniqueness, connect with more of the right people and share your message with passion and power.

The truth? I’ve seen hundreds of clients struggle with speaking clearly and confidently. But I promise you, all that it takes is a little structure, guidance, and yours truly helping you along the way for you to discover totally new heights in your career and your personal life!.

So, are you ready to speak like a pro?

let's do this!

Lizz Summers is a genius voice & visibility coach! Before working together, I was nervous to create videos or go live on Facebook. Lizz was able to explain the technical requirements and structure to presenting myself professionally in video, while digging deeper to uncover where my fears really stemmed from. Confidence is key to increasing your visibility online and after working with Lizz, I am confidently jumping into my live videos and integrating video into my email sales funnels!
Kim Trathen - Business Success Coach

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